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Compony Profile

Nimrokh was founded by a team of civil Engineers and an Economist in January of 1975.

Our main goal and objective was to be recognized as one of the most distinct, dedicated and capable companies in heavy construction and development fields like Multipurpose Projects,  Dams, Power Plants, Underground Civil ,Roads, Bridges, Railways, and other construction projects.

Currently Nimrokh is highly regarded among the construction companies in Iran today.

Nimrokh, s solid and innovative executive team, loyal associates, highly educated and experience managers and talented staff have enabled it to become one of the leading contractors in the country.

Years of economic challenges in Iran brought on by sanctions and war have not hindered NIMROKH from achieving and retaining top placement among Iran, s construction industry. We have strived and excelled under these extraordinary pressures.

During years on and, NIMROKH continues to be a dynamic establishment. We have constantly strived to stay ahead of our competitors and challenges by delivering quality and value through innovation.

NIMROKH is proud of being a client driven company. We have unwavering principles and values such as: attention to safety, keeping the environment safe, promoting teamwork and education amongst the employees. All of which help us achieve our ultimate goal of delivering quality work on time and on budget while keeping our environment and personnel safe.

We are committed to forming partnerships and joint ventures in order to successfully complete various projects on time and on a competitive budget.

We have always strived to satisfy our clients, requirements and gain their trust in order to form long term working relationships.

NIMROKH has proudly obtained and maintained a number 1 rating in; Road, Building, water and Civil constructions. We are a proud and active member of the following associations: Association of Construction Companies, Iranian Tunneling Association, Iran’s Technical and Engineering Exporting association and other various associations.

Our vision is to be the most superb and reliable EPC contractor in our field of expertise.

We are seeking to expand our operations in the international market.